Festival Cement

Every year, Festival Cement treats you to a nine-day festival full of exciting performances. About 20 young makers from the Netherlands and Flanders show their work to a curious audience. Spread over 9 days, an average of 100 performances can be seen. In various places in ’s-Hertogenbosch, the public and professionals are looking at a new generation of performing artists. You can discover young makers and their themes, new forms and alternative proposals for the future.

In addition to a program full of performances, there is plenty of room for the public, makers and professionals to meet and enter into dialogue and to delve into the extensive context programm.


Please find Cements Language no Problem or English Spoken programm below. If you have any questions or you want to visit the festival by group, please email us at info[@]festivalcement.nl

Festival Info
Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm and Julia Reist
Performance / English Spoken

Jija Sohn, Aleksandra Lemm and Julia Reist

Landing on Feathers - embodied care-practices

Elmer Kouwenbergs became paralyzed 28 years ago. His caregiving team consists of three care providers/artists. In May 2021 they started a creative research trajectory into care, closeness and our relationship to the other.

Choreographer Jija Sohn, performer Aleksandra Lemm, and researcher and dramaturge Julia Reist share their perspectives on embodied care-practices from a personal and collective experience. Within the practice, limitations are not simply experienced, but deeply acknowledged throughout the trajectory, as an intrinsic part of the practice. During Cement, the artists share their research in a safe and intimate setting, inviting you to reflect on care, closeness and our relationship to the other.

Practical information:

There will be an invitation to take off your shoes and participate in embodiment practices. You are free to choose whether or not to participate.
Simon Bus en Evangelos Biskas
Dance / Language no Problem

Simon Bus en Evangelos Biskas

Double Bill

Simon Bus - Febris

An ode to fever. Drenched in sweat, fever dreams are both suffocating and liberating. You don't want to experience this. And yet there is always the desire for it again, and again...

Evangelos Biskas - In Between

Evangelos takes you into a dream state where the absurd and the irrational are the maxims. Where fading but persistent memories form the starting point for his dance.
Ika Schwander
Festival / Cement Production / Language no Problem

Ika Schwander

è vero è vero è vero

Starting from the age-old story of Judit and Holofernes and from a painter’s violent interpretation of the head of her rapist, this visual performance depicts the timelessness of pain and resistance.

In è vero è vero è vero history is connected to the present. Where Gentileschi cut off the head of her rapist in her painting, maker Ika Schwander wears it between her legs.