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Theatre / Afzender Cement @ Boulevard / All ages / Cement Coproductie / Language No Problem (LNP)

Sonja van Ojen & Hendrik Kegels

Om de hoek woont een struik

In Om de Hoek woont een struik (Around the corner lives an bush), theater makers Sonja van Ojen and Hendrik Kegels bring a miniature world they have built themselves to life. During this wordless visual performance, the audience sits around a gigantic paper model of a sleeping city. The day breaks, a garbage can blows over, a plastic bag gets tangled in the branches of a tree, the crocuses open.

Om de hoek woont een struik is an enchanting and imaginative performance in which we don’t observe people, but we observe at all the other inhabitants of the city. For example, the Maple, the Lampposts, the Public Toilet, the Chimney, the Beetles under the tiles and the Kiosk on the square play the leading role. 
A wonderful universe of dancing apartment buildings and flirting weeping willows unfolds. The world, as it turns out, does not need humans to celebrate. The performance is accompanied by a cinematic soundtrack by composer Frederik de Clercq (Studio Ree).

Sonja van Ojen and Hendrik Kegels make visual theater for all ages. Their work is playful, absurd and light, but at the same time completely serious and ambitious in the precision and dedication with which they make their work. They both graduated from the performance training of the Toneelacademie Maastricht. Together they previously made the performances Phantom Island and MICRO. The duo is associated with PLAN Brabant, Feikes Huis and STIP Theater Productions.
Om de hoek woont een struik is one of the three winners of the BNG bank Theater Prize 2020. And it was selected for The Dutch Theater Festival 2021.

Concept model and implementation: Sonja van Ojen, Hendrik Kegels
Directed by: Lisa Schamlé
Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermone
Stand and turntable: Vincent van Ojen
Lights and wires: Thomas Claessens
Music: Studio Ree (Frederik de Clercq)
Support decor: Dominique van de Zande, Wieke van Rosmalen, Vincent van Ojen
Poster image: Lisa Schamlé
Made possible by: Amarte Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Bng Theaterstimuleringsprijs, Gravin van Bylandt, Stichting Gemeente Helmond, Brand Cultuurfonds Limburg.
Made possible by: Feikes Huis, Festival Cement, Makershuis Tilburg, Annatheater