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Performance concert / Afzender Cement @ Boulevard / Cement Production / Language No Problem (LNP)

King Sisters

Rebuilding a Voice

In Rebuiding a voice, three sisters deconstruct the voice in search of polyphony. Through sound and physical performance, the King Sisters break open forms, inspired by different music genres from classical music, to jazz to pop. And thus they lay bare the many different colors of the human voice.

How do you relate to a multitude of constructions? We grab the female voice by the throat, disprove the performance society and question the freedom of an underground culture. Is it possible to have your own voice within an existing mold?

From a range of transformations, we propose a utopian, polyphonic society.

"Hear all voices at variance, hear all songs roared out at once"

  • Susan Sontag in a letter to Patti Smith

A performance by King Sisters is at the intersection of concert and performance. Their musical chemistry seamlessly coincides with their sister dynamics. A monologue is interrupted by a vocal piece, a song is undermined by a performance. The focus is on researching the 'individual in the midst of the collective'.

As a collective, they previously made Song of the Sisters (2018) and Talking Songs (‘20/’21, which can be seen at November Music, among others).

In 2021, Marthe Koning and Doris Vervuurt performed THIS APPEAR at Expeditie Cement.

In addition to their collective work, this trio also makes individual work within their own disciplines; actress and theatre maker Joske, vocalist and composer Annelie, visual artist and performer Marthe.

In their collective work, the voice is the connecting factor.

Text/game/music/concept: Joske, Annelie and Marthe Koning
Directed by: Jessie L'Herminez
Dramaturgy: Elowise Vandenbroecke
Composer: Janne Piksen
In collaboration with: Festival Cement and Via Zuid – Talent development Performing Arts Limburg