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Performance / Afzender Cement @ Boulevard / English Spoken (ES)

Ira Brand

Ways To Submit

Ways To Submit is a performance about dominance and submission. About the ways we give in, and the ways we take control. Physically, psychologically, sexually, socially. Through the body, through language, and through structures of power.

Ira invites you into a fantasy, a game, a dialogue, a performance, a fight: a series of duets in which power is at work.

Ways To Submit tries to understand the body – and the performance space – as a site of resistance and a site of succumbing. It explores what it means to play at dominance and submission. And who has the privilege to ‘play’?

Ira is an artist, performance-maker, writer, and curator. In 2019 she  completed the Masters Programme at DAS Theatre, Amsterdam. Ira creates interdisciplinary performances: solo stage shows, duets, one-to-one pieces, or participatory work. She uses personal starting points to speak to wider social, political, and formal concerns.

A current thematic preoccupation in Ira’s work is power and how it is felt and enacted – specifically through language, gender and desire. She wants to create spaces for feeling strongly and thinking critically, for asking questions, and for re-imagining. And she wants to create spaces for pleasure.

Conceived, written & performed by: Ira Brand
Dramaturgy: Jo Bannon     
Sound: Yas Clarke     
Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Commissioned by The Yard Theatre. Supported by Cambridge Junction and The Marlborough Theatre. Produced by DAS Theatre.