Ira Brand
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Ira Brand

like the party has been cancelled

The party has been cancelled, and we’re staying home. 
It looks like a mess out there.

 This is a show about wanting to bring order to mess, and wanting to disrupt order. About wanting to build new things with old shit. A collage performance of cut up bodies, grafted animals, half landscapes, recomposed histories, dissected worlds. 

like the party has been cancelled is a reflection on control, on losing yourself, and on desire. An intuitive, meditative, image trip, that attempts to burst its own banks and flood the room. With you in it.

Ira is an artist, maker, performer, writer and curator. In 2019 she completed her master DAS Theatre at the Academy of Theatre and Dance of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Ira creates interdisciplinary performances, using personal starting points to discuss broader social, political and societal problems.

Created, written and performed by:
Ira Brand
Dramaturgy: Aukje Verhoog
Artistic advisor: Jo Bannon
Sound: Fernanda Libman
Photographer publicity image: Ira Brand
Production: A Cement Production in co-production with Frascati Producties