Bram van Helden
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Bram van Helden

Bram vindt ruimte

In Bram vindt ruimte, Bram van Helden takes his audience to a place of peace and attention. To an imaginary room from Japan, where he would like to be and where he sometimes is, for a short time. To a room that builds itself up and in which you can disappear. Step by step this performance tries to make an image come true and it tries to hold on to this moment. Meanwhile, the sounds of sound artist Mathijs Leeuwis let you navigate between the reality of the theatre and the dream of a space.

Bram van Helden's work travels and lands between different disciplines, from theatre to visual arts. In his work he turns objects into main characters and he plays with the hierarchy between people, things and spaces. In 2019 Bram made Plasticville for Festival Cement, a garden with living plastic organisms. In 2021 he made Gat in de Ruimte, in which he and Jeroen Offerman were looking for a space that would let them forget time.

Directed & constructed by: Bram van Helden
Design and construction: Danielle van der Kooij
Construction: Tessa Verbei
Dramaturgy: Anne Leijdekkers
Music: Mathijs Leeuwis
Light: Jolein Kop, Tom Heintz
Performance: Bram van Helden, Tom Heintz, Thijn Kolk
Photographer publicity photo: Merel van Dooren
Production: Rick Hooijberg, Festival Cement, Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Powered by: Festival Cement, PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant, Municipality of Tilburg, Kunstloc