The first weekend of our festival is Pay What You Want. So from Friday the 15th to Sunday the 17th of March, you decide how much you spend on tickets. Just order a €0 ticket on our website and pay an amount you feel comfortable with after the performance.

Life's expensive, so to make our festival accessible to as many people as possible, we're offering a Pay What You Want System for the first weekend.

How do I get a ticket?

You reserve a ticket by ordering a €0 ticket for the performance on our website. If you have a Festival Pass, please make sure to select it when ordering your €0 ticket. You can also buy a €0 ticket at our box office in our festival hub (while supplies last).

Important: Please let us know if you are unable to attend the performance. We can possibly make someone else happy with your spot. You can reach out to us through email to or by calling 06-21567278.

Guidelines for the Pay What You Want contribution

The amount you pay afterwards can be as large or as small as you wish. However, we can provide some guidelines: if you currently have a limited budget, our guideline price is €5. If you have a bit more to spend, consider €10. If you can afford to pay the regular ticket price, €17.50 is the way to go. Would you like to support our creators even more and/or ensure that people with limited budgets can attend as well? Anything above the regular ticket price is of course also welcome. And if you can't spare much, it's also possible to pay less than €5.

What if I have a festival pass?

You have already paid for attending the performances through the total amount for your pass. So feel free to come and enjoy the performances as usual, free of charge!

How can I pay after the performance?

You can pay after the performance with your debit card or by leaving cash in the piggy bank. You can also pay by scanning the QR code at the location of the performance and then completing your payment via online banking. Of course, you always decide on the amount yourself!

If you forgot to pay at the venue you can use the button below to proceed to online banking.

Pay through this link