From 16 – 24 March, Festival Cement is THE place to go for those who want to discover the latest generation of theatre makers, choreographers and performers. With a range of venues and locations dotted around the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the festival makes sure you experience each of its unique shows from up close in the best possible setting. Festival Cement offers intimate encounters between audiences, artists and professionals.

Festival Cement is a major platform for the youngest generation of talented Dutch and Flemish theatre makers, choreographers and writers. They are the festival’s core business and for them, Festival Cement is a great opportunity to introduce themselves to audiences, the press, venues, producers and financial backers. Debate and reflection sessions add depth and scope to the work during the festival, with the artists, professionals and the public all participating: an important contribution to the young artists’ development.

Of course Festival Cement also acts as a meeting place; in a pleasant and intimate setting, the youngest generation of artists get in touch with professionals and interested audiences.  

The extensive programme (click to download the timetable) includes quite some performances that do not require an understanding of any specific language to understand, or are English-spoken. Here are the performances which have the label 'language no problem':


Bára Sigfúsdóttir - being
Dance I Language no problem
Fri 16 March 9.00PM / Sat 17 March 7.00PM
being is an encounter between two dancers from Teheran (Iran), a meeting of two bodies, a face-to-face between two artists onstage, but also a rendezvous between them and the audience. A show in which, rather than emphasizing our differences, we explore what we have in common. Watch trailer

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Elysia Mc Mullen & Evangelos Biskas V - In Search of a Title
Multidisciplinary Dance / Music Performance I Language no problem
Fri 23 March 9.00PM / Sat 24 March 9.00PM
With help from their two musicians, Evangelos Biskas and Elysia Mc Mullen are using improvisation to find ways to unlock the subconscious and tap into the power of imagination. Out with the rational mind, the body will find a way in this contradictory world. Trusting their impulses and instincts, they stumble upon absurdity and laughter. Watch trailer

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Hannah De Meyer - Levitations
Performance / Play I Show is in English
Tues 20 March 7.00PM / Wed 21 March 5.00PM
Hannah De Meyer creates poetic worlds where hope is closely entwined with despair, being with not-being, and sexuality is forever interlinked with love and death. Levitations is a leftover space, a loophole in time. Nothing ever happens here. But at the same time, everything happens here. Watch trailer

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Joey Schrauwen - Introspector
Performance I Language no problem
Fri 16 March 7.00PM / Sat 17 March 5.00PM / Sun 18 March 9.00PM
For Introspector, Joey Schrauwen is building an object that could help us all to turn inward. We are invited to let go and drift along, in a stream of something that appears to be nothing. ‘All we need to do now is listen carefully’. Watch .GIF

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Karlijn Hamer - ZOG
Musical Installation I Show is in English
Mon 19 March 7.00PM / Fri 23 March 7.00PM / Sat 24 March 7.00PM
ZOG takes the shape of a pop concert AND an art installation. The audience enters a vast field of speakers, which are live controlled by Karlijn Hamer. The sung tones of increasing suffering stretch and stretch in every direction, multiplying until they wash all over you. Watch trailer

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Visual Art / Installation I Premiere I Language no problem
Fri 16 March – Sat 24 March I Ongoing - Admission Free
George Orwell’s Animal Farm has triggered LIPS&KNOBEL to throw alternative facts, black and white, dictators and contradictions into their flashy blender and extract the juices of pure ideals and revolutionary spirit. A LITTLE UPSET is a richly imagined search for ways to mobilize the masses and change the world. Watch trailer

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Mardulier & Deprez - Open Studio
Performance / experiment I Language no problem
Ongoing, with 30 minnutes presentations on: Wed 21 March 10.15PM / Thurs 22 March 9.45PM / Fri 23 March 9.30PM / Sat 24 March 9.30PM
Follow Ruben Mardulier (acro-dance) and Michiel Deprez (juggler) in their ongoing creative process. The duo samples and documents brief individual performances without making any plans in advance, making each presentation a unique and surprising moment.



Marijn Graven - Narziss I Hildegard I Goldmund
Theatre / Premiere / A Cement Production I Language no problem.
Sat 17 March 21.00PM / Sun 18 March 19.00PM / Mon 19 March 17.00PM
Director Marijn Graven is positioning the composer Hildegard von Bingen between the two famous characters from Herman Hesse’s novel Narziß und Goldmund, to find out how she might unite the head and the heart, logos and eros, the male and the female. Following the actors, the production designer, the composer, and the audience we are going on a musical ramble in search of ourselves inside the other.

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Maxim Storms - Brother Blue
Theater I Dutch Premiere I Show is in English
Fri 16 March 9.00PM / Sat 17 March 5.00PM
Theatre maker Maxim Storms is creating an evolving web of brutal chansons, jabber talks and Dada-monologues, cosmic collages, fable-choreographies and sound and video clips. A Dadaist tragedy whose language has been taken apart and rhythmically reassembled. Watch trailer

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Michiel Deprez & Pieter Visser - Fase
Circus / Performance I Language no problem
Friday 16 March 7:00PM | Saturday 17 March 7:00PM
A juggler is placed in front of three tennis ball machines. He tries to catch every ball that is fired at him. For 1,500 attempts in a row, and without being allowed time to consider the success/failure rate, the audience is invited to take in this very straightforward situation. Watch trailer

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Rita Hoofwijk - while waiting
Various / Work in progress I Language no problem
Ask for times and places at the assembly point inside Verkadefabriek
Friday 16 – Thursday 22 March
Rita Hoofwijk is offering visitors a specially constructed waiting space and time. At set times, in between shows, people can wait here. They will wait for the next scheduled show, but also for the unexpected. Let’s see what happens when we find ourselves hanging around in the meantime.

Admission Free


Robbert&Frank Frank&Robbert - Don’t we deserve grand human projects that give us meaning?
Visual Art / Theatre I Show is in English
Tues 20 March 9.00PM / Wed 21 March 9.00PM
How to deal with the universal human urge to be part of a bigger whole? Frank&Robbert Robbert&Frank are going in search of the things that give life meaning in a world that is left without a Unifying Story to hold onto. Their incisive visual logic and playful allusions to science and space travel will lead the way. Watch trailer

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Wild Vlees - Study for figure
Performance | Premiere | Cement Coproduction I Language no problem
Mon 19 March 9.00PM / Wed 21 March 7.00PM (premiere) / Thurs 22 March 5.00PM
In Study for figure Tamar Blom is questioning the concept of intimacy in our society today. He is creating a surround video space that immerses viewers in the otherness, the unfamiliarity and the mystery of the other. Watch trailer

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We have two special discount cards: the Festival Cement Pass and Day Passes. Dinner plans? Our meals (Bordje Cement) are available in our festival hub, the Verkadefabriek.


Online ticket are available from Wednesday 8 February. Online tickets are available until one hour before the show. You can buy your tickets from the tor from the online ticket shop


From Wednesday 8 February tickets are also available from the Verkadefabriek box office. The Verkadefabriek is open daily from 1.00  – 10.00 PM. On Sundays the box office opens at 10.45 AM. Payment by debit card only.
Warning! For shows held at locations outside the Verkadefabriek, box office ticket sales will end half an hour before the show. Fifteen minutes before the show, remaining tickets, as well as any unclaimed tickets, will be available at the site or venue. 


The Verkadefabriek can be reached by telephone from 11.00 AM – 6.30 PM on weekdays. On Saturdays from 1.00 PM and on Sundays from 10.45 AM. The number is +31 73 681 81 60. Please note: reserved tickets must be picked up within seven days at the Verkadefabriek box office (otherwise the reservation will be cancelled). For advance bookings, a € 1 service fee applies per ticket. 



During Festival Cement the sun lounge at the Verkadefabriek is the place to be! The sun lounge is the heart of the festival, offering a temporary home for artists and audiences alike. An ideal setting to meet and have a drink or enjoy a meal.  


Boschdijkstraat 45
5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch


Fridays and Saturdays: 4.30 PM – 01.30 AM
Sunday – Thursday: 4.30 PM – 00.30 AM


You will find the festival information desk in the lobby of the Verkadefabriek. The Info Desk can give you all the information you need about the festival, including tips, general information, any changes to the programme, directions and bicycle rental. Bicycles can be rented for € 5. The info desk will be open from 4.30 PM on festival days. The Info Desk will close 30 minutes after the start of the day’s last performance. 


For any questions about ticket sales, please call the box office of the Verkadefabriek +31 73 681 681 60. For further questions please call Festival Cement +31 73 612 57 08.